About us

Founded in 2016, WaterScope Zrt. is a company of founders and employees with extensive experience in the water industry and IoT applications, committed to the environment, and comfortable in product and software development, wireless data collection and communication, systems integration, and AI/BI-enabled data analytics.

Waterscope benefits

Hardware and software in one hand, from network design to implementation

The latest approach to data management, customised options at different user levels

Technology developed by water professionals for water industry professionals

A scalable system that can be applied to both existing and new systems

The Waterscope IoT monitoring system can even measure in remote, hard-to-reach or poorly infrastructure locations where other telecom technology or power is not available. The Waterscope IoT data collection devices have a standard sensor connectorso any standard sensor can be integrated into the Waterscope IoT system.

The WaterScope Zrt. developed and manufactured by the company for water industry professionals, battery-powered data collection units collect data from sensors and wirelessly transmit it to a dedicated server, where the collected data is converted into information for experts or managers at different levels.

The data collected is transmitted using the latest technologies developed specifically for machine-to-machine communication, such as LoRaWAN or NB IoT.

LoRaWAN (Long Range) and NBIoT (Narrowband IoT) are low-power, wide area networking technologies that use radio waves for transmission, are low cost, long-lasting, battery-powered, and offer extremely high connectivity, security and reliability.– ensure reliable data transmission. The distance between the sensors and the gateway or base station transmitting to the dedicated network server can be up to 10 km, and a single unit can be thousands of measuring point can handle.

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