Water pressure and network monitoring

Achieve water savings while increasing efficiency

Plant optimisation and energy efficiency improvements through real data collection and analysis

Waterscope technology is suitable for monitoring installations spread over a large area. It allows access to measurement data from sensors in remote locations.

Our IoT products feature easy installation, wireless technology, without GSM or internet connection.

With continuous monitoring and access to online real-time data, maintenance needs and costs can be kept low.

For water utilities, metering data collection in water distribution systems at most points in the network is not possible or can only be achieved by very expensive manhole construction.

The Waterscope IoT system solves the above problems using NB IoT or LoRaWAN communication devices with a dedicated server.

The technology can also be used to personalise data visualisation, reporting and alerting.

The data collected can be used from the operational to the strategic level.

Data can be displayed on dashboards, analyses and reports can be used in operations.

These can help improve day-to-day operations, increase energy efficiency and operational safety, reduce pipe bursts and costs.

Artificial intelligence is used to analyse the large amounts of data collected and sent to the server.

As a result of the evaluation, users will gain water information that will facilitate the necessary water pressure management decisions in a specific operational situation.

Areas of use

Ivo water couples

Pumping stations

Booster stations


Water towns

Industrial zones, production sites

Transit points

Pipeline, distribution network

DMA, tracer zone

Zone lock, pressure relief

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