Case studies

From various water industry segments

Zalaapát water consumption meter

Detection and treatment of water loss defects with S2N device in a municipality of Zalaapáti, with a population of 1 700 inhabitants

S2N water well shaft monitoring

A regional waterworks had an issue, that not have adequate information on the operation of their water well shafts. They were looking for a monitoring solution that can be installed in existing welll shafts and can provide additional information to reduce operating costs.

Smart ZAK water pressure monitoring

The smart ZAK pressure gauge makes it easy to monitor pressure fluctuations, which can be used to detect pipe bursts and unauthorised water use. The device provides data at adjustable intervals, so you can monitor trends up to date.

WaterScope IoT Sewage pump shaft monitoring

A system for monitoring the pumps of sewage transfer shafts, capable of monitoring the operating time and current consumption of built-in pumps and measuring the level of sewage. It continuously monitors the operating status of the hoist and indicates the status of the integrated circuit breaker.

REDIVAC vacuum sewage system monitoring

A regional waterworks installed a vacuum pump system in 2002 in a town, using the technology of Redivac, and was looking for a solution to build a monitoring network that would help the system operate more efficiently.

Water network monitoring

Zalavíz Waterworks was looking for a solution for accurate and continuous flow and pressure measurement of their drinking water supply without interfering with their pipeline system.

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