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Zalaapáti water meter

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basic data

PURCHASER: Zalavíz zrt.

AREA: Zalaapáti

ACCEPTED CAPACITY: 1 700 persons




SQM smart meters are suitable for a of a water meter of a meter. They are able to megmutatni the hourly consumption, the daily consumption, the current consumption for the month and the current consumption for the dayácurrent consumption for the day.


With the help of these measurements, which can be monitored online or in the mobile app, the status of the system can be checked at any time and certain faults such as leaks or, in some cases, burst pipes can be quickly detected.

In this case, the daily consumption graph is the most revealing, because it shows the growth in consumption and the nature of the growth.

Zalaapáti graphs

This graph shows that the normally constant daily consumption starts to increase linearly at the beginning. At this point, it is assumed that there is only a leak in the failed pipeline and only a portion of the water is lost.

A crack in a pipeline is usually widened by high water pressure and the loss in that section increases steadily. After a while, the nature of the increase changes from linear to exponential, which is likely to occur when the pipe bursts and from then on water flows unrestricted into the surrounding soil.

This phenomenon can be observed not only in daily but also in hourly consumption values. It can be seen that the maximum value before repairing the pipe burst is 2.3 m3/hour, which is the amount of water lost in an hour that would normally be lost in a full day under normal operating conditions.

Such a leak often leads to a burst pipe, resulting in a very significant loss of water. The monthly consumption curve shows how much such a mistake can increase the amount of water used per month.

The graph shows a steady increase in the amount of water consumed in May, June and August, and a rise of approx. monthly 100 m3 was consumed in the municipality. In contrast, in September 350 m3 was consumed, of which approx. 250 m3 loss of water due to burst pipes.

The curve shows that a similar phenomenon occurred earlier in July, when the amount of water used increased linearly in the first few days of the month, and then the curve suddenly went into an exponential increase, whichWhen an error occurred. Consumption data at the time also show that consumption has increased significantly.

Waterscope Zalaapáti graph 2

The maximum was on 18.07.2022 when the consumption was 23.7 m

in one day. Already this value is almost 10 times the normal operationthe usual daily value. This fault was quickly rectified by the technicians so that water loss was minimised.

On a monthly basis, this failure also caused significant water losses, but far less
as the one in September.
The volume of water used in July was 171.8 m

was, which, compared to normal operating conditions, is approx. represents a surplus of 50-70%. In this case, the loss due to run-off water is approx. 70 m

could be
which is also a lot, but a fraction of the 250 m


-in September.

This shows how important it is to detect errors quickly and repair, because water loss can increase several times in a few days, which can easily exceed the total monthly water consumption of a municipality.

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