SWB Smart Buoy


Water quality parameters measured by the buoy:

  • dissolved oxygen
  • pH
  • temperature
  • ORP (redox potential)
  • conductivity

Monitoring the quality of our surface waters requires extensive testing, but the number of possible sampling points is usually limited by distance and manpower. Ad hoc manual checks are no longer sufficient. Continuous, real-time information is required, in the case of a larger water surface, measurements at several points are required.

The Sensors2Net Smart Buoy continuously measures the quality of surface water on site using high-precision sensors built into the buoy body without the need manual testing by staff. An easy and quick to install solution, even in hard-to-reach places. The physical and chemical parameters of the water (pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, ORP) are transmitted by the data collection unit with its own battery using modern radio wave or GSM-based NBIoT technology They are then displayed in a personalized way chosen by the user, even on a mobile device. The analysis of the measurement data, with the involvement of our Artificial Intelligence solution, gives the operator a reliable forecast of the processes taking place in the water, and warns him in time of the danger of the formation of harmful algal blooms. Costly damage events involving mass fish deaths can be prevented and their severity reduced.

In the case of fisheries lakes, the aquaculture user can even display the collected local data on social media, giving anglers valuable information on what to expect about fish behavior. Safer catch, more visitors, controlled water quality – all thanks to the well-managed data provided by Sensors2Net Smart Buoy, which takes place in a place that meets the strictest environmental standards.

SWF Smart water monitoring (installed)

The aquaculture sector is one of the fastest growing portions of the food industry in the world. About half the fish eaten by the world’s population today comes from farms. The activities of the sector are regulated by strict quality, health and environmental standards. Continuous monitoring of fish farm water is now an expected service, the importance of which is being recognized by more and more producers.

The installed version of Sensors2Net Smart water monitoring provides an advanced technology background for intensive fish farming. In addition to the sensory monitoring of water quality, we also offer a solution for the cost-effective operation of the pumps and devices of mechanical systems. Continuous measurement of electrical power, measurement of machine pressures, operation of pumps, and the provision of data on energy consumption all serve the purpose of ensuring that production takes place in safe, efficient and optimal conditions.

Quality parameters measured by the smart water monitoring (installed):

  • electrical power
  • pressure
  • pump operating time

SWM Outgoing wastewater monitoring

  • monitoring wastewater quality at critical points
  • monitoring wastewater treatment steps
  • monitoring of disinfection systems
  • logging of wastewater quality discharged from wastewater treatment plants

Today’s requirements for wastewater treatment require all measurement systems to adhere strictly to the rules. Wastewater quality muat be monitored at all points in the treatment process, and measurement data should be recorded and retrievable at all times. The Sensors2Net system provides an opportunity to monitor the efficiency of disinfection systems and to develop optimal chemical dosing by continuously monitoring the critical parameters of the effluent. The uniform supervision of the facilities scattered over a large area, the management of a large number of measuring points, which are sometimes far apart, poses a real challenge to the customer. Our wireless sensor data acquisition and transmission technology gives continuous monitoring of wastewater treatment steps and the logging of the quality of discharged water. Our solution, which can be installed in an existing system, also enables the support of a Business / Artificial Intelligence-based system management concept.

Our goal is to generate information, support data analysis and decision making at both the operational and management levels.