SPM Smart pressure monitoring tool

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  • Mains pressure optimization
  • Improving electricity consumption
  • Establishment of DMA measurement areas
  • Operation according to operating conditions
  • Troubleshooting search support
  • Indication of pipe breaks, leaks

Today, millions of m3 of drinking water disappear between source and user, causing significant losses and high operating costs for water providers. Reducing costs with traditional cost-cutting solutions is no longer a breakthrough, nor viable in many cases. Solutions are needed that take advantage of the latest technologies and deliver real savings at a reasonable investment cost.

The SPM Smart Pressure Monitoring system helps to optimize network pressure and improve the efficiency of electricity consumption of water systems, by continuously monitoring the consumption data and the mains pressure. With the help of fixed measuring points, the operating condition within the measuring areas can be continuously monitored, and the location of breaks and leaks can be precisely determined.

Our solution can be easily integrated into existing measuring locations. The collected data is sent to a dedicated server via wireless LoRaWAN or NBIoT technology, where with the help of our Business and Artificial Intelligence, the user can set the optimal pressure values – even proactively changing – manage customer needs, and discover sudden changes and pressure drops.

Our shaft-mounted fixed measuring system provides data on the status of the network every 2 minutes. Our data collection unit with IP 68 protection ensures continuous operation for up to 3-4 years without the use of an external energy source.

SHM Smart Hydrant - Master

The Sensors2Net Smart hydrant solution is unique in the market. It provides continuous and real-time information over water network pressure, flow and velocity. By analyzing the measurement data, the load on the network can be reduced when needed, the security of supply can be increased, and the operation of the network system can be made more efficient.

Non Revenue Water loss is a huge issue in the operations of any water utility company globally. Reducing it is a real challenge for service providers. The Sensors2Net Smart hydrant provides reliable monitoring of pressure zone zones by following customizable pressure values (day, night, emergency). In case of pressure change, it sends an immediate alarm, indicating the use of the hydrant based on water detection. After identification with NFC technology, it determines the eligibility of the water recipient, thus making it possible to name previously unquantified water use (e.g. water supply of public service companies) to curb illegal water consumption. With this information, water utility companies can reduce their income loss from Nonrevenue Water.

  • Charge and drain detection
  • Alarm in case of pressure change – several adjustable pressure values ​​(day, night, emergency)
  • Indication of fire hydrant use based on water detection
  • Water receiver identification with NFC – authorized / unauthorized

SHL Smart Hydrant Light

In addition to its “big brother” the Smart hydrant Master, the event-controlled operation of the Smart hydrant – Light monitors the use of the hydrant, identifies the authorization of the water receiver, and provides real-time information on the open / closed state of the hydrants. It is easy to integrate into an existing network system and can be operated at low cost. It provides a simple and cost-effective solution for monitoring network status, detecting leaks or any unauthorized water intakes in a timely manner.

  • Indication of fire hydrant use based on water detection
  • Water receiver identification with NFC – authorized / unauthorized