Our Smart PET bottle is on another expedition

Our PET bottle, equipped with GPS transmitter, developed in the frames of the Tisza PET Cup research and development programme, is participating in another expedition. One of the PET Cup volunteers, Csanád Ivánfi, together with other PET pirates, started an expedition with our smart bottle: from the source of the Tisza river till the Danube, they plan to map the level of pollution, estimate its impact on the inhabitants along the river, and measure the signs and consequences of climate change. During the expedition, they collect data and continuously document the event with the help of our PET bottle. With the built-in GPS transmitter, it is possible to continuously track their route, and those who interested, can also follow it with an online map on their website: https://petkupa.hu/hu_HU/expedicio

Good luck, we look forward to reading about the information collected during the way!