Smart water network management and Non Revenue Water loss reduction in Pristina, Kosovo.

In the frames of West Balkan Green Point project we participate at water network developing programme of Pristina Regional Waterworks. The programme includes reduction of the energy consumption, optimization of network pressure, continuous monitoring of water losses, and identification of causes and places of pipeline failures. As first step, a survey of the area, the network and the current energy and water consumption data was performed and the first personal meetings were organized. Next, district metered areas (DMAs) will be established in order to increase the efficiency of continuous monitoring. Cotinuous monitoring of the amount and pressure of water on the pilot area will enable faster detection of causes and places of network failures and more accurate troubleshooting. Chances of unauthorized water use will be eliminated, and the high percent of Kosovo’s Non Revenue Water loss will be reduced. On the basis of the collected data, a detailed  energy audit and energy efficiency development plan will also be prepared.