Ökoindustria 2021

The ÖKOINDUSTRIA 2021 Expo and Conference, organized by the Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprises, was held between 28 and 30 of April, 2021.

WaterScope Inc. participated on this 3-day event both as exhibitor and as organiser, performer and moderator of the 3rd day’s “Digitalisation in Water Manamgement” conference and the panel discussion.

During the event, focused on water industry, visitors could learn new options and methods of digitization in water treatment. When can we call a water network smart? The answer was delivered in the presentation of our CEO, Csaba Ilcsik: the smart system integrates traditional measurements and smart devices; complex measurement areas have been created; BI / AI based analysis and models can be run on the collected data. And why should we talk about this now? Smart devices are appearing in the everyday life of the water industry, communication between machines is spreading, energy efficiency and more cost-effective operation are needed, not to mention the task of reducing Non Revenue Water.

In the panel discussion following the lectures, chaired by Csaba Ilcsik, reputable experts discussed the place and function of smart devices in water industry. The pleasant conversation covered smart hydrants, sustainable operation, the water network of the future and numerous other interesting and actual topics.