We are proud to announce that our S2N Smart Buoy has reached its adulthood and come to a Very Important Milestone: it has started its operation on an open, natural water body, under real-life conditions.

S2N Smart Buoy is designed to monitor water quality of any surface water, aquaculture, fish pond or fish farm, providing realtime information on their physical and chemical parameters. Should it be pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen or temperature, S2N Smart Buoy measures it and transmits to a dedicated server, where data are ready to be analyzed both by traditional methods or by Artificial/Business Intelligence. Customized dashboard can even be reached via mobile applications. No matter where you are, information on water quality is literally in your hand. Set your threshold for alarm, and you can enjoy the benefits of safe and secure water management.

Besides essential water parameters, S2N Smart Buoy can integrate environmental data (wind speed, sun intensity, humidity, air temperature, atmosperic pressure, etc.), collected by local weather service providers.

Real-life testing of S2N Smart Buoy, and validation of its measurements will last until the end of June, 2020. We look forward to sharing the results and experiences with you! Follow us for further details.

If you wish to learn more about S2N Smart Buoy, do not hesitate to contact us via waterscope@waterscope.eu