Industry 4.0 in water management

Wireless data transfer from sensors to server
Real-time monitoring with AI aided analysis

The challenge!

  • Measuring points are located across a large area – up to kilometers away
  • Manual measurement is not effective
  • GSM technology is not always available, economical or energy efficient
  • A practical solution is needed with a limited budget
  • Data collection is required with, or in parallel with, the establishment of SCADA connections

...the solution: Sensors2Net

  • Wireless technology
  • Option of provider-free data transfer
  • Cable-fee installation
  • Continuous, real-time monitoring
  • Tailor fit visualization and display
  • Low maintenance costs

S2N – More than data!

Special Sponsor Award – S2N Smart Hydrant

Our Smart Hydrant System won special sponsor award at ‘IoT 2020 Live Show’! The award was given for the innovative nature of the product, which represents its cutting edge potential in the global market. Click and watch the presentation of CEO Csaba Ilcsik in the video below.

Csaba kép

Csaba Ilcsik, CEO WaterScope

"It provides continuous and real-time monitoring of water network pressures, flows and speeds. With this information in their hands, water utilities can reduce their loss of income from Non Revenue Water."

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